Status quo

This entry is to summarize what the hell I´ve been doing for the past week.

Well, surprisingly, the truth is: not much. Been in vacation mode, really. I have also been reading (for pleasure) the novel Normans område (2011) (English title: Norman´s Area) by Norwegian author Jan Kjærstad. I like it so far. Half way through. I wonder though if other people – people who don´t study literature – will find it nerdily into the act of reading and the love for literature? Are authors nowadays (and really since the 90s) too involved in themselves being authors?

I suppose I should say the whole mindless activity week I´ve been having is a good thing, because I probably will be better suited for what´s to come. Vacation time will be over starting one week from now and a busy fall time will come.

No one is actually reading this blog, I´m sure of, but for the record: I apologize for my terrible English. I have never studied English. The last English lesson I had in school was when I was 17, and I always wish I had learnt English better. I do believe I am more eloquent in my native tongue.


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